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XVIII international folklore camp - creative school "TRADITION" (Palanga, Lithuania)

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XVIII international folklore camp - creative school "TRADITION" (Palanga, Lithuania)From June 24 to July 1, 2018 in Palanga will be the XVIII International Folklore Camp - creative school "TRADITION". The organizers are the Folklore and Ethnography Center of Lithuanian National Communities, the School of Slavic Traditional Music, the Vilnius Center for Russian Folklore.

During the time spent in the camp, the children will not only have a great time by the sea, but will also acquire knowledge about the folk culture and meet other like-minded people from different countries. A team of experienced teachers will educate and look after the children with much care and attention, while letting them enjoy the live communication with their surroundings. There are specific groups for each age group. Every group schedule is thought through to the smallest detail, to ensure the best possible results.

Parents will also be able to attend classes and all activities of the camp and, together with the children, will explore the vast world of folk traditions.

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Teleshow "Duokim garo!" (LRT) for XII international Folklore festival POKROVSKIJE KOLOKOLA-2017

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12th International Folk Festival POKROVSKIJE KOLOKOLA. PROGRAMME

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11th October, Wednesday
Lithuanian National Philharmonic (Ausros Vartų str. 5)
19.00 FOLKLORE AND PRESENT. Festival Opening
Part 1: Composer Zita BRUŽAITĖ “COLLAGES” (premiere)
Folk ensemble ARINUSHKA
Conductor Modestas BARKAUSKAS
Folklore ensembles from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, China,
Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine
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12th International Folk Festival POKROVSKIJE KOLOKOLA. FESTIVAL HISTORY "Pokrovskye Kolokola" (Pokrov Bells) is an international festival, which in a short time managed to gain great authority not only in Lithuania, but also outside it and became one of the most prestigious festivals in Lithuania. It seems like it was yesterday. The first International Folklore Festival Pokrovskye Kolokola declared itself, trying to gather professionals from different countries, broke mistrust of skeptics, won the sympathy of Vilnius discerning audience. And now the festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary.
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About sanctity

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About sanctityGroup "Arinushka" called "Bell Russian Lithuanian." It was formed in Vilnius, the efforts of Nicholas and Irene Zakharova as a team, in which children and adults could undertake the work of folk songs. Because backbone of this team has developed a musical group, which received a well-deserved reputation over time in the former USSR and abroad. "Arinushka" has won many folk festivals and shared the stage with well-known artists, conducted ethnographic work, produced films and record albums. "Dual citizenship" was good for the band: in his work, they combine history and culture of the peoples of Russia, Lithuania and Belarus, focusing on the Old Believers, collecting grains of their heritage and carefully preserving it, giving new life to old regional dialects, "accent" .
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Booklet from XI Folklore festival Pokrovskije Kolokola

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Booklet from XI Folklore festival Pokrovskije Kolokola

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