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About sanctity

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Group "Arinushka" called "Bell Russian Lithuanian." It was formed in Vilnius, the efforts of Nicholas and Irene Zakharova as a team, in which children and adults could undertake the work of folk songs. Because backbone of this team has developed a musical group, which received a well-deserved reputation over time in the former USSR and abroad. "Arinushka" has won many folk festivals and shared the stage with well-known artists, conducted ethnographic work, produced films and record albums. "Dual citizenship" was good for the band: in his work, they combine history and culture of the peoples of Russia, Lithuania and Belarus, focusing on the Old Believers, collecting grains of their heritage and carefully preserving it, giving new life to old regional dialects, "accent" .
Listening to the disc from the catalog «Arc Music», familiar setting yourself up for a meeting with the authentic supply of a folk material. In this regard, the album "Old Faith" sounds a bit unusual: start with the fact that it was the fruit of joint efforts of participants' Arinushki "and Lithuanian composer Linas Rimshi. The last well-known in jazz circles, he is one of the "Baltic Jazz" leaders, wrote a book on this subject, and has performed with many ensembles, also fruitfully composes for theater and cinema. After hearing the song of the Old Believers, he had the idea to record an album of this subject in the style of «world music», certainly not without looking back at what we did at the time «Deep Forest» or more similar topic (although frankly a pop), Russians "Ivan Kupala "I would have definitely mentioned project« Donis "with its latest releases. The result was a remarkable album, which is to be recommended to all, without exception, and those who appreciate folk music in its authenticity, and those who wait on extending the boundaries of music and mezhzhanrovyh experiments.
But what about the music? The centuries have lived and still live far away and sometimes overtly mythical (for a mass audience) Believers? If you read the title track, it all becomes clear: it's music, as befits a folk song tradition, affects all the main themes of our existence, from the household to the existential. Under strong, programmable rhythm in the right places reaching almost to dance speeds under complex and energetic percussion, not giving sometimes sit still under relief ripple bass and under diverse sound reconstructed folk and more "mass" of instruments (violin, meadow harp zhaleyka and other pipes, drums, guitar and more), members of the group, as did their distant ancestors and not, sing songs, and the most important thing. These songs can be heard the age-old theme of the world of knowledge, the desire to communicate with God - hence the heartfelt prayers, and reflections on the kingdom of heaven, and filled with sincere faith and reasoning afterlife. But Christian motifs, a little naive in the Old Believer tradition, immediately adjoin (as well as elsewhere in the Orthodox Church) with the frankly pagan ritual incantations and rituals, whether it's mesmerizing round dance songs around the effigy of Maslenitsa, or appeal to the natural elements with a request to give and protect crops. And, of course, find their place here and Tales songs suitable for merry round dances, and human characters, unchanged over the centuries: the harsh in-law, the rural bumpkin, the careless young wife, not able, as yet, to establish home model peasant life. These songs in all their variety show that is best they say about the soul of the people. A relevant and interesting arrangements attract not only young people with hearing sharpened a radio format - they reflect the relationship of many generations, handing temporal and cultural ties through the ages, from the present to the hoary traditions that, despite everything, we have to save. Excellent album, fount of new emotions, lifting something from the bottom of the forgotten souls.
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